Rodney M. Honeycutt, P.E.
Pic of Rodney Honeycutt


B.S./1972/Civil Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte



P.E./1976/Civil Engineering, NC #7211 

​​​​​​​P.E./1981/Civil Engineering, MD #12545

P.E./1983/Civil Engineering, VA #14045

P.E./1993/Civil Engineering, FL #46917

Honeycutt & Associates, Inc. was established with the goal of providing effective and innovative services to clients who interact with engineering and surveying resources.  In support of our goal we are committed to provide high quality services to our client through well-trained and experienced engineers and surveyors.  The staff at Honeycutt & Associates has worked together on a wide variety of design, assessment and surveying projects.  As a result of this relationship, we offer our clients a proven team of professionals.

Mr. Honeycutt has over 30 years experience in all phases of civil engineering including various administrative duties.  He has managed major water and wastewater projects for city, county and state governments.  He has also been project manager and principal-in-charge of five (5) indefinite delivery/quantity (open-end) civil engineering contracts with various departments of the Department of Defense (DOD).  Other responsibilities have included the preparation of reports and studies involving alternative analyses, feasibility studies, plans and specifications and contract documents.  Mr. Honeycutt also served as County Engineer for Cumberland County, North Carolina for three and one-half (3 ½) years.  Mr. Honeycutt is experienced in AutoCAD and a variety of PC programs.  

  • City of Titusville’s Water and Wastewater Treatment System Major Expansion, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge of providing professional surveying services as a sub-consultant to Professional Engineering Consultants, Inc. (PEC) for major expansion of the City’s advanced wastewater treatment plant and wetland effluent system.  Including topography, surveying, easement maps and legal descriptions for 15 agreements, construction surveys, cross-sections of borrow pits, re-establish property boundaries and monuments for three (3) 400± acre sites, locate numerous monuments for pipeline routes, horizontal and vertical control provided for entire project. All of the survey data was provided to the engineering consultants in AutoCAD via modem and phone line by use of PC Anywhere software.

  •  Brevard County Parks and Recreation, Solid Waste, Utility and Facilities Construction Departments, Brevard County, FL; Principal-in-Charge for engineering and surveying services on an as needed bases for the past three (3) years.  Services were site design, cost estimates and state/local permitting for a 1,440 linear feet (LF) revetment at Spessard Holland Golf Course, Cuyler Park Expansion, landfill operation sites, horizontal/vertical control topography and locations for expansion, landfill mitigation sites, well locations, plat property survey, cross-sections for wetlands mitigation, topo/tree surveys, agency review/permitting, well site easements and access, set piezometers with elevations, H/V controls, re-establish property corners and a library expansion site.

  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge for a 10,200 S.F. restaurant with boundary and topography surveys, rezoning/annexation, conceptual site design including sewer, water reclaimed water, grading, drainage, stormwater management, parking, lighting, landscaping, FDOT access permitting, wetland mitigation and as-built certifications, United Stated Army Corp of Engineers, FDOT, SJRWMD and Brevard County permitting required.

  • West Orange Trail Phase IV, Orange County, FL; Principal-in-Charge of surveying, including topography, tree location, specimen identification, easements and boundary survey for Trailhead parking lot location for approximately nine (9) miles of proposed biking and hiking trail.

  • Solomons Island Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Calvert County, MD; Project Manager for environmental/sanitary design of 0.7 MGD wastewater treatment plant including soil absorption and 24,000 feet of sewers, several pumping stations, lift stations and preparation of an operations and maintenance manual.  The treatment facility included a 100,000 gallon equalization basin with aeration, dual double pump installation to double the discharge head capacity, five (5) miles of force main, dual clarigester, 24-hour storage to ensure flooding of rapid infiltration basins, dual vacuum sludge drying beds and administration and maintenance buildings.  Construction management services on a full-time basis were provided.

  • Cobb Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Charles County, MD; Principal-in-Charge for design, plans, specifications and construction management for an alternative 158,000 GPD sewerage collection system and treatment facility featuring 454 septic tanks, 43,200 feet of variable grade gravity collectors and 8,500 feet of low pressure force main to connect the 109 septic tank effluent pump stations to the land application treatment facility.

  • Town of Cecilton, Cecil County, MD; Principal-in-Charge for upgrading of existing wastewater treatment facility by adding slow sand filters and ultra violet disinfecting.

  • Patuxent naval Air Station, Chlorination Facility Rehabilitation, St. Mary’s County, MD; Principal-in-Charge for an evaluation, analysis and rehabilitation design of chlorination system at wastewater treatment facility and potable water wells.

  • Tilgham Island Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Talbot County, MD; Project manager for environmental/sanitary design of 0.15 MGD treatment plant and appurtenances including three 93) duplex pumping stations, 23,100 feet of sewer lines and 6,300 feet of force main.  Provided full-time construction inspection and management service in addition to providing an operations and maintenance manual.

  •  Chestertown Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kent County, MD; Principal-in-Charge for modification of existing wastewater treatment plant to include a new chlorination facility, dechlorination/post aeration facility, construction of a new 1,650 feet 18-inch diameter outfall into the Chester River, construction of an administration and maintenance building and renovation of the main pumping station at Radcliffe Creek.  Provided full-time construction inspection and management services.

  • Maryland correctional Institution Wastewater Treatment Plant, Washington County, MD; Project Manager/Engineer for design, plans, specifications and construction phase services for a new 1.23 MGD treatment plant facility to replace the existing facility including feasibility studies for the re-employment of various structures and the rehabilitation of the anaerobic digesters.

  •  Hollyneck Wastewater Collection System, Baltimore County, MD; Principal-in-Charge of preliminary design, plans and specifications for a wastewater collection system to serve the 130 existing homes and businesses in this waterfront area.  Work included grinder pumps and pressure sewers as well as more conventional pumping systems.

  • Kopia 3054, Shenandoah School 3086 and Conway Central 3083, Orange County, FL; Principal-in-Charge for a three (3) pump stations site for Orange County.  Completed site survey including property location, topography, utility location and easement right-of-way.  Provided base sheets in AutoCAD format.

  •  Christmas Airestream R/V Park, Christmas, FL; Principal-in-Charge for providing engineering, surveying and permitting services for community service building addition to a R/V park.

  • Oak Trails at Meadowridge, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge of rezoning for approximately 160 Single- Family lot subdivision and 225 unit Multi-Family apartments.  Conceptual layout and City of Titusville (COT) permitting required.

  •  Walkabout PUD, Titusville/Mims, FL: Principal-in-Charge of permitting for an 18-hole LPGA certified golf course and a 9-hole par 3.  Permitting included Brevard County and St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

  •  Palmetto Power Facility, Oceola County, FL; Principal-in-Charge of complete survey and environmental services for proposed power facility.

  •  Oak Trail, 18th Street and U.S. Highway No. 1 Water Mains, Edgewater, FL; Principal-in-Charge of surveying, design, engineering, permitting and as-built certifications for new water service.

  •    Pelican Place, Edgewater, FL; Principal-in-Charge of surveying, engineering, permitting and design of existing dirt road serving residential area.

  • Seasons in The Sun R/V Resort, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge of rezoning and conceptual plan for approximately 120 acre (Ac.) site.  Permitting included Binding Development Plan (BDP).

  • Satellite Processing Facility, Cape Canaveral, FL; Principal-in-Charge of feasibility study including wetland, scrub jay and gopher tortoise review and topography and permitting for 25 Ac. site.

  •  Kennedy Point Yacht Club and Marina/Condo/Restaurant, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge of Area Impact Plan and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for new condominium, restaurant and marina expansion.  COT, SJRMD and Department of Transportation (FDOT) permitting provided.

  •  Veronica Estates, Port St. John, FL; Principal-in-Charge of rezoning for an 80 Ac. lot subdivision transfer of developing rights and BDP

  •  KMC Telecommunications, Inc., Cocoa Beach, FL; Principal-in-Charge of surveying services which included location/topography and legal for easements for a telephone switch gear facility.

  •   Titusville High School Renovation and Addition, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge for design including all site work for high school renovation including grading, storm drainage, stormwater management, water distribution and sewer collection system.  Sewer system consisted of a new 700 GPM submersible duplex pumping station and 3,000 LF of eight-inch (8”) sanitary sewer.  There are 17 existing and new connections to the existing system that must be maintained during construction.  State and local permitting required.

  • Florida Department of Management Services, Brevard Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Sharpes, FL; Principal-in-Charge for design, permitting and construction administration for modification of stormwater management system for two and one-half (2 ½) acre site with County and State permitting.

  •  Lowe’s of Titusville, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge/Engineer for feasibility study, environmental audits, boundary survey, mitigation, topography, rezoning/annexation, site design (included sanitary sewer system to serve a 150,000 S.F. retail center on a 23 Ac. site) water, grading, drainage, stormwater management, parking, lighting, landscaping, wetland mitigation, soil borings, traffic study, bid documents and specifications, construction administration and as-built certifications.  Federal, State and local permitting required.

  • Spessard Holland Golf Course Revetment, Melbourne beach, FL; Principal-in-Charge for design of sanitary sewer lift station to serve a 39,000 S.F. physical therapy/fitness center complex.  State and local permitting required.

  •  Eagle Point at Bent Oak Subdivision, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge of design, plans and permitting of a 39 lot residential subdivision including water, sewer, storm drainage and stormwater management.

  •  Oaks at Lakefront Subdivision, Merritt Island, FL; Principal-in-Charge for design, plans and permitting of a 22 lot residential subdivision including water, septic, storm drainage and stormwater management.

  •  Las Verdes Townhomes, LaCita Subdivision, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge for a site design of residential townhome units including subdivision streets with sewer, water, grading, drainage and stormwater management.  SJRMWD and COT permitting required.

  •   Royal Oak Medical Center, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge for a 10,000 S.F. medical office complex with sewer, water, grading, drainage and stormwater management.  Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and COT permitting required.

  •  Gas Mart-Sisson Road/State Road 405, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge responsible for engineering design, plans and permitting for a 3,132 S.F. gas mart including FDOT and FDEP permitting.  A lift station was also designed to serve the station.  The project is located within the City of Titusville Area of Critical Concern.

  • Gas Mart-I-95/State Road 50-Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge of engineering design, plans and permitting for a 3,777 S.F. gas mart including a Dairy Queen drive-thru, including FDEP permitting.  A small wetland area on the northwest corner of the project was permitted without mitigation.

  • Eckerds, Port St. John, FL; Principal-in-Charge responsible for engineering design, plans and permitting for a 13,050 S.F. drug mart including water, sewer, parking, storm drainage, stormwater management.  FDOT, FDEP, SJRWMD and Brevard County permitting was required.

  •  Lemon, Coleman, Mantor Streets and Area II Stormwater Improvements, Titusville, FL; Principal-in-Charge for design and permitting for paving of three (3) existing dirt streets including drainage and stormwater management.  Stormwater management for one (1) street consisted of road side swales for a curbed street to meet SJRWMD minimal stormwater management requirements.  Stormwater management for the other two (2) streets consisted of existing and enlarging a drainage way (culverts) under U.S. Highway No. 1 in an area with a split median and designing a 1.8 Ac. water management basin.  The management basin was also a retrofit basin in the City’s Area II Watershed.  An outfall to the Indian River was also included.  Permitting included FDOT, SJRWMD and COT.

  • North Fiske Stormwater Facility, Cocoa, FL; Project Manager/Engineer for a 27.1 Ac. retro fit stormwater management basin.  Permitting included the City of Cocoa and SJRWMD.

  • Tico Borrow Pit, Titusville, FL; Project Manager for a 30 Ac. borrow pit.  Permitting included Brevard County and SJRWMD.

  • Orange County Continuing Survey Contract, Orlando, FL; Principal-in-Charge for  continuing survey services consisting of the following projects:

  • Topography, piezometer location and as-built survey for mitigation for the Curry Ford Road project.  The mitigation area was located in Seminole County.

  • Topography and location survey for Rouse Road and Eastwood Road intersection for adding deceleration and turning lanes.

  •  Route survey for West Orange Trail Phase IV including topography, tree locations, utility locations, base maps and easement maps for approximately nine (9) miles of trail.

  •  Field topography for Rouse Lake Road drainage area problems including ditch to Rouse Lake .

  •  Patapsco Pumping Station, Anne Arundel County, MD; Principal-in-Charge for reporting, design, plans and specifications for the upgrading for a 1.73 MGD pumping station to a 3.0 MGD pumping station and the addition of stand-by power.  Updated station to Anne Arundel County standards.  Provided construction phase services.

  •  West Shadyside Sewer, Shadyside, Anne Arundel County, MD; Principal-in-Charge for design of two (2) submersible pump stations with standby power, 17,000 feet of eight-inch (8”) and ten-inch (10”) diameter gravity sewer and 3,500 feet of six-inch (6”) force main.

  •  Vicon, Inc., Elkton, Cecil County, MD; Project Manager for feasibility study for sewer extension to service industrial/commercial area.  Study included service area flow projections.

  • Kings Mountain Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kings Mountain, NC; Project Engineer for an upgrade of existing extended aeration wastewater treatment facility to double capacity to 4.0 MGD.

  • Maryland Route 291, Kent County, MD; Project Engineer for design of 2,700 feet of ten-inch (10”) gravity sewer extension.

  •  Jackson County, NC; Project Engineer for design of eight (8) miles of gravity sewer interceptor and 1.5 MGD step aeration wastewater treatment facility.

  • Mt. Holly, NC; Project Engineer for design of 5,000 feet of 15-inch to 18-inch gravity sewer and expansion of existing extended aeration wastewater treatment plant to 4.0 MGD capacity.

  • Waynesville, NC; Project Engineer for design of five (5) miles of forced sewer line interceptor to replace a pumping station.  Upgrade of existing 6.0 MGD primary plant to include secondary treatment and modification of an existing fluidized bed incinerator.

  • Town of Murphy, NC; Project Manger for design of 3,000 feet of eight-inch (8”) gravity sewer to replace a pumping station.

  • Sewer Collector for Maryland Route 279 Corridor, Cecil County, MD; Project Engineer for design of 3.500 feet of 12-inch gravity collector, submersible duplex pumping station (660 MPG) with flow metering and stand-by power and 12,000 feet of ten-inch (10”) force main.